Emergency Light Testing

Effective emergency lighting is a legal requirement in all commercial and industrial premises to enable safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

To ensure your emergency lighting remains effective, it must be checked on a regular basis.

As specialist electrical compliance contractors, Emelec operates across the UK providing a complete emergency lighting testing solution. We will perform an annual full-duration assessment of your installed emergency lighting solutions, a requirement to be undertaken in addition to monthly ‘flick tests’. We will submit a detailed report, itemising each light and any faults identified.

Emergency light testing services

UK businesses are under strict legislative duties to maintain effective emergency lights. This demands a detailed understanding of current standards and processes for fire safety and electrical engineering to ensure compliance and safety.

Maintaining emergency light units involves two separate testing requirements to ensure effective work order and continued compliance with current standards across all parts of the unit, including the lighting tubes and back-up batteries.

Flick tests should be carried out monthly, when the emergency lights are illuminated for a short period to confirm working order of the luminaires. The annual test involves illuminating the emergency lights for 1 or 3 hours again to check the luminaires remain effective.

In addition, ongoing maintenance and checks should be carried out to ensure that all parts of the emergency lighting unit – switches, batteries, luminaires and control equipment – remain effective and efficient.

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