Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed wire testing involves testing the systems that conduct electricity around a building to ensure premises remain safe for employees, customers and visitors.

Due to the importance of the fixed wire testing in maintaining personal safety, tests must be conducted by qualified professionals.

Emelec’s team of fully qualified, experienced electrical engineers can help you meet all of your fixed wire testing needs. We operate across the UK, providing a full, on-site service designed to ensure you are meeting your duties for safety and compliance.

Fixed wire testing solutions

Fixed wire testing is used to assess the safety of all electrical hard wiring, systems and installations around a building.

Fixed wire testing combines electrical tests with visual examinations of all systems that conduct electricity within the building, including fixed plant and machinery, lighting and sockets. As testing requires all circuits in an installation to be identified, safety measures will need to be observed such as disconnecting equipment to allow for testing to take place safely and without causing damage to the item.

Following the test, you will be issued an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Where there are no risks identified, you will receive a satisfactory EICR.
If any dangers or risks are identified, the report will detail the problems – which may include defects, dangerous conditions, damage or deterioration – and make recommendations for remedial work to correct the issues.

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