LED Lighting

LED lighting has become the most cost and energy-efficient light solution currently available. For businesses, the advantages include savings on maintenance and energy bills, improved performance and reliability and reduced carbon footprints.

Emelec’s electrical engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of LED lighting. We can advise and recommend LED lighting solutions based on your requirements for style, purpose and budget, and can carry out all work relating to the installation, maintenance and testing of your LED lighting.

LED lighting advice and installation

Switching to LED lighting opens up multiple benefits to businesses.

LED lights consistently outperform other types of light bulbs. LEDs emit electromagnetic energy, turning an average of 70% of their energy into light which minimises heat output and results in high levels of brightness and significantly improved cost efficiencies.

LED lighting also offers enhanced durability – particularly noticeable where colour lighting is used – and a lifespan that far surpasses that of standard incandescent bulbs, reducing maintenance and replacement demands.

It is a matter of making the most effective use of LED lighting for your specific needs, taking your premises and lighting usage into consideration and looking across the full spectrum of your requirements, including outdoor, modular, task and walkway lighting.

Are you thinking of switching to LED lighting? Emelec can help!

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