PAT Testing

The most effective way to maintain electrical portable equipment, machinery and appliances is through Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Regular PAT testing helps organisations comply with their health and safety duties, ensuring the safety of employees, customers and visitors and in most cases to qualify for insurance coverage.

Emelec offers a PAT service for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. We test appliances in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, factories and many other places of work. Our services are highly flexible, with options to carry out the tests out of hours or during scheduled downtime to minimise disruption to your working environment.

PAT testing for safety & compliance

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is used to ensure electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use and that you satisfy your legal duties to maintain electrical equipment to prevent danger.

PAT testing should be used in conjunction with visual examinations to provide a fully comprehensive risk assessment of all types of electrical equipment in your workplace. The results should be provided as a report, detailing any issues identified, with recommendations for the removal, repair or replacement of items that fail.

The frequency of testing will depend on the type of equipment and the environment. While there is no duty to retain records for electrical compliance, it is good practice to label equipment that has been tested, and to keep records of tests to help assist with compliance management and as evidence of your activities.

As part of an effective safety and risk management programme, organisations are advised to ensure periodic testing of electrical equipment to ensure compliance while also protecting employees, customers and visitors from hazards and harm resulting from defective electrical equipment.

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