Remedial Work

To meet your duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act, remedial work must be carried out on any workplace electrical installation that presents a safety risk to employees or customers.

Ensuring your organisation’s systems and installations are safe for use requires regular testing and assessment to identify faults and defects early.

Emelec can carry out all necessary electrical remedial work to address risks and faults. Our team of qualified, experienced commercial electrical engineers operate across the UK, providing a fast, reliable and professional service to gain a satisfactory report and ensure electrical compliance.

Qualified specialists in electrical remedial work

Periodic or fixed installation inspections are designed to identify and prevent serious faults within electrical systems. Problems should be detailed in an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) as one of three codes:

Code 1: Danger present – risk of injury and immediate remedial action required
Code 2: Potentially dangerous – urgent remedial action required
Code 3: Improvement recommended

C1 and C2, covering issues such as overload or dangerous conditions, deterioration, damage and defects, result in an unsatisfactory report outcome. Emergency lighting systems for example are a common area of non-compliance where the required current standards are not being met.

All identified risks and problems must be fixed promptly through necessary remedial work.

Remedial work could involve repairing, replacing or upgrading electrical systems to ensure ongoing safety as well as continued compliance, for example in response to a change in regulations or standards.

As part of your organisation’s safety and risk management programme, effective remedial work will help to prevent personnel, customers and visitors being exposed to danger, minimise damage to your equipment and facilities, and avoid liability for fault or negligence.

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