Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is used to maintain electrical systems and prevent hazards. It is a highly accurate and effective diagnostic tool for identifying existing faults with electrical installations, as well as potential issues that could create future risk and danger.

Emelec offers a specialist thermal imaging service to help businesses meet their electrical compliance duties. We are a team of qualified electrical engineers with extensive experience in testing and remedial work. As part of our thermal imaging service, we will perform the required testing and detail the findings in a report, itemising current and potential issues with recommendations for remedial or maintenance work.

Why use thermal imaging?

Infrared thermography offers a number of safety and risk management benefits to your organisation to help meet its electrical testing and compliance duties.

Since increased heat is a reliable indicator of mechanical failure, thermal imaging is highly effective in identifying excess heat caused by defects in electrical connections and components.

By identifying early degeneration through hot spots, remedial work can be carried out to correct the problem before the equipment becomes damaged and preventing greater safety hazards from developing that would place your personnel, equipment and facilities at risk.

Thermal imaging can identify electrical and mechanical faults which are otherwise undetectable. It can be carried out in nearly all types of equipment quickly and at a safe distance from the equipment being measured, including components that cannot be accessed easily or safely. Thermal imaging is also carried out while the installation remains live, allowing for routine predictive maintenance and corrective action to prevent system failures.

Electrical infrared inspections are commonly requested by insurance companies to ensure the safety and reliability of an organisation’s electrical and mechanical equipment.

Our thermal imaging service offers a critical tool for your organisation’s risk and safety management, providing accurate readings while causing minimal disruption to your operations. Used as part of your electrical periodic test and inspection, thermal imaging can help to increase equipment reliability and efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and production losses.

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